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Scenes from La Tasca Classes - Salsa Twist - Portsmouth

So why do we dance? What are the benefits? Too many to list and everyone has their own reasons for dancing . . .

To learn a new skill
Join a new social scene and meet new people
To improve co-ordination
To keep fit
To be able to join in an activity with your partner
To impress someone
etc. . . . .

Dance is a very rewarding form of exercise. It can help you to see a very different side to life. You will no longer the person who stands awkwardly by the side enviously watching the people on the dance floor. Instead you become one of those people on the dance floor being watched enviously. You could go to a salsa club anywhere and ask someone for a dance and really enjoy yourself. You will find your overall coordination and balance improving rapidly and your confidence levels rising. You can become healthier and fitter and find yourself travelling to other places to find more dance classes and parties.

We hope that you will come and join our classes to enjoy the benefits of dancing and to have a great time - see you on the dance floor!

Taz & The Salsatwist Team

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