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Tariq 'Taz' Mian is the founder of Salsa Twist, where he is fulfilling the role of main teacher and DJ. He has been dancing salsa since 2002 and teaching since 2004. His style is primarily 'LA on One ' with Cuban touches and is about flair, smooth fluid motion, pleasing moves and dancing to the music and rhythms.

His emphasis is placed on technique and musical interpretation as the key to being a good dancer and this is reflected in his teaching style. He strongly believes that dancers should use what they know to express their individuality to the music and not use the music as an excuse to show off their latest moves or dips. He focuses on creating an understanding between partners as he believes is being a very connected dance partner.

Taz is one of those people who combine being a good dancer with being an excellent teacher. He is able to break down, demonstrate and explain exactly what and why you should be doing. Combine this with a real passion for salsa and a drive to teach and you will see why his classes are so popular. Taz also loves both Bachata and Bachatango and his classes in these sensual dances are very popular along the south coast.

Taz's teachers include Oxley of London, Tracie Gooch & Marcus Groves, Steve Reed, Dean Maynard, Rudi B, Robert Charlemagne, Angus Peters, Super Mario, Rohan Brown, Marchant Birch, Leon Rose, Lee Wright, Shelley Cook, Giles & Rosa and Iris de Brito.

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