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Private Lessons


We offer Private Dance Lessons in Portsmouth, Southsea & Waterlooville - & the surrounding area on request

Private Lessons

Taz is available for private lessons, and will come to you. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Some people feel the need to take private dance lessons and others do not realise that they could vastly improve their dancing with a few private lessons.

Private lessons are ideal to help you on a one-to-one basis if you are struggling with particular moves, co-ordination, styling, advancing to a higher level or just to polish up those rough edges we all have at some point.

Please note that the lessons will be tailored around both your requests and your requirements. We will assess your present skills and tailor the teaching to suit your style. The lessons can be for an individual, couple or small group as required.

For your guidance we have listed below the most common reasons that we are given by people approaching us in this regard:-

- "We're getting married soon and would like to learn a dance for our wedding dance, we considered salsa" (Stuart & Katie did and I hear the wedding dance was fabulous - congratulations guys and good luck for the future!)

- "I'm going to Cuba for my holidays and want to learn the basics so I can dance when I get there"

Steps and Timing
- "I have done a few Beginners classes but need some extra help with the basic steps and timing so I can move on "

Catch Up -
"I've never done salsa before but my partner has been learning for some time now. I want to catch up quickly so that we can enjoy dancing together"

- "Although I try very hard in the classes, I still feel as though I'm stuck at the same level and want to take that extra step forward"

Fine Tuning
- "I've been dancing for some time now and would like to fine-tune some of my salsa dance skills so that I can become a better and more stylish dancer"

New Moves
- "I want to learn some new moves and tricks"

Try it and See
- "I want to try a private lesson because I'm not confident enough yet to join a big salsa class - and I'd like to see if I would enjoy salsa dancing"

Whatever your reasons for considering to take private lessons, we'll be delighted to discuss your individual requirements and tailor a package for you. We also offer discounts for a series of lessons

The cost: This can vary depending on how many lessons you need and how far we have to travel to get to you. However a typical cost would be 35 for 1 hour with lessons normally being of 2 hours in duration. For this you will get the full attention of two teachers so you get both perspectives and our students find this very helpful. The cost may vary depending on how far we have to travel and discounts are available for block bookings. Please contact Taz on 07989747880 for more details


'..... the 2 extra private lessons really helped me to move on from the Beginners level, thanks!'

'..... I was too shy to join the classes initially, but after a private lesson I felt confident enough to go to lots of different classes....'

'..... wow, the private lesson helped me to understand the bad habits I had picked up in the past. Now I am focused on improving my dancing and find I can pick up new moves with ease :-)'

'Our wedding dance was beautiful. We took everyone by surprise and could never have done it without your help. Thank you'

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