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General Info

Join us for Salsa & Bachata Classes in Portsmouth

The Structure?
On Sundays we will be running two levels for Beginners and Intermediate dancers.

We are not currently running any courses.

Please keep checking back for updates

Start and Finish?
Classes structures are different for the different venues but all the classes are followed by freestyle dancing and sometimes the odd fun routine.

How much?
Drop in classes are normally 6. Some workshops may be individually priced.

Complete Beginners?
Yes we take complete beginners - every week.

There is no need to book - just turn up. However certain workshops and special classes may require booking, but these will be marked as such.

Partners are more than welcome but not mandatory - you can come alone, with a partner or bring as many friends as you like! We will rotate partners during the classes anyway. We do reserve the right to restrict entry to courses if the numbers are of guys vs. girls are greatly imbalanced.

To wear?
Whatever you feel comfortable in - some like to dress up a bit, others come casual. However, ball gowns and very tight skirts are not really recommended for dancing salsa as they restrict your movement too much.

If you have dance shoes, great! If you don't have dance shoes we suggest well fitting shoes with a smooth slidey sole (i.e. leather/suede soled shoes). Trainers or rubber soled shoes are usually not recommended as they are tend to stick to the floor, make turning difficult and may lead to knee damage or other bodily injury. Flipflops or barefoot dancing are definitely not recommended.

Soon you'll probably want shoes that make dancing easier and we can recommend the types of shoes that you would need.

Good Salsa Music CD's and Salsa Instruction Videos?
We have some salsa music CDs and Salsa dance training videos for sale. You will not find these in high street shops! Please contact us for details.

What can dancing salsa do for my health?
Dancing is an excellent form of exercise. Some of the health and fitness benefits of salsa dancing are: weight loss and muscle gain, boosting your physical endurance, coordination and range of motion all while learning to dance and having fun!

Dancing salsa can burn several calories a minute, without harmful side effects caused by high impact exercises such as running. We will show you warm-up exercises and ways to stretch and prepare for dancing.

Salsa dancing is a fitness program that can be incorporated into your social life. By using salsa dancing to get fit, you will not only look great, but may provide a reason to get out more and improve your social life.

More Questions?
Contact Us and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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