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General Info

Progression (what you can expect to learn)

Please note that the following is for guidance only. Every person is unique and everyone learns to their own pace and ability. Some people may wish to move on quickly and others may wish to polish up what they know before moving on. However, if your teacher believes you are best suited to a different level, please accept their opinion. At present we are not running courses, simply drop in classes at different levels.

Where do I fit in?

If you have no experience of dancing salsa, you will probably need to start in the Beginners classes or Course. However, if you are already dancing salsa, you can join in whichever level you feel suits your experience and abilities. We do reserve the right to ask you to change your level if we feel you are not suited to the level you have chosen. Please do feel free to speak to a teacher and get their advice regarding this.

Absolute Beginners (Level 1) - Basic Skills (8 weeks)

This is the very start of your new experience in the world of salsa, and here you should learn all the basic skills and steps of salsa. Among other things we will show you dancing in lines and the basic principles behind it. Spotting during moves will be demonstrated and explained. Listening to the music and how to pick up the beat will also be explained. Following are some of the steps taught that you should try and achieve during your beginners classes and they will form part of the Course Syllabus:

Basic Step (including extended mambo to include the timing for the 4th and 8th beats)
Side Step
Back Step
Forward Step
Open Out Back Step
Cross in Front Step
Suzy Q Step
Right Turn
Left Turn
Partner Holds & Transitions between them
Hand Holds
Simple CBL (Cross Body Lead) with both inside and outside turn
Simple Hair Combs
Leading techniques
Short dance routines
Health & Safety in dancing
Freestyling tips
Dance Floor Etiquette
Health & Safety on the dancefloor
Introduction to Bachata

Improvers (Level 2) - Further Skills (8 weeks - 16 weeks)

Okay! So now its time to move on from beginner. Time to move on if you've mastered the above and feel the urge to move on into the Improvers Classes. This is where we move on from the basic steps and start to develop what you have learnt, add some shines and some styling as you become more proficient. There will be a syllabus of proficiencies to complete before moving on to Intermediate classes. Bachata will also be taught at a higher level.

Intermediates (Level 3) (4 - 12 months)

Now this is where things start to get much more serious. This is where some of the tricky stuff really starts. You've moved on to where you feel confident enough to ask nearly anyone to dance.

Again, everyone develops at their own pace and as it becomes more intensive, its better not to try and stick to a course but to take your time to master your dancing.

Intermediate/Advanced (Level 4) (12 months+)

Wow, well done. Now things start to get really hot. This is the serious stuff and your dancing really should be flowing with cool moves and styling by now.

The Salsa world is your oyster . . . . . go and enjoy it


'.... The course has really helped me focus....'

'.... I find the course is a great way of learning dancing'

'.... why doesn't everyone do it this way?!'

'.... the course kept me motivated to keep coming back. Now I can dance!'

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