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Your one-stop shop for Salsa Dance Classes in Portsmouth

Since January 2004,
SalsaTwist has been all about learning salsa dancing, understanding the music, feeling the rhythms, personalising and perfecting your own style of dancing and feeling good about yourself.

Our aim is to promote and teach salsa dancing, promote salsa & latin music and help you become more self-confident through dancing. We also introduce other Latin dances alongside Salsa, such as Bachata, Merengue, Bolero and Cha Cha.

One of the best ways to improve your dancing and 'move up' is to take private lessons to help you overcome any hurdles you may be struggling with, polish up your dancing, incorporate/improve your styling and your image.

Salsatwist offer private lessons to help you achieve your goals in dancing.

See 'What we can offer you' below for more details


'.... great classes, I'm learning so much'

'.... your focus on technique is very refreshing'

'.... my husband and I have tried lots of different salsa classes in the area but we prefer your classes'

'.... great atmosphere, friendly and helpful teachers'

'.... its not just a dance class, its a social scene, get fit, learn a skill and dance all rolled into one!

Workshops for styling, shines, leads, techniques
From time to time we will be offering workshops for the more dedicated dancers who may want to improve their dancing, perhaps polish up those rough edges, learn a few new tricks and top tips and get a few shines (fancy footwork) under their belts. These may include introduction to On 2 dancing, Cuban style salsa, ladies and gents styling, shines workshops, Street cha cha, Bachata, Bolero and many others. Please click here to see what's coming up.

Private Lessons
Taz is available for private lessons, and will come to you. Please click here for more information.

Dance Classes
See Classes for details of our current classes, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Body isolation workshops
We will be doing body isolation workshops to help free up those hips from time to time as part of the main salsa classes.

Street cha cha warmups and classes from time to time (see news and events)
Street cha cha is a slow yet complex dance to learn and is great fun and can be very sensual. It is very similar to salsa in many ways yet has many twists to it!!

Bachata classes from time to time
Bachata is a complex, beautiful and sensual dance. Its easy to learn the basics and can be very romantic to the right music. Although its danced on a similar rhythm to salsa, the steps are different but there are similarities and it is great fun to learn. We offer a monthly Bachata class on the first Sunday of every month

Bolero classes
Bolero - the dance of love - appears simple on the surface, but is almost tango-like in its intensity and passion. Perfect if you like both Argentine Tango and Salsa. A wonderful sensual fusion dance and you will have to attend the class/workshop to find out the rest...........

DJ or Party
Taz is available for DJing and arranging Salsa Parties. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Style of Dancing
We will initially be teaching London freestyle which is similar to the LA on One style of dancing salsa, common in London, parts of the US, Europe and England. We will also show you how to mix in moves from Cuban style salsa and how to move from one style to another, even in the middle of a track.

Men, we will show you how to show your partner which style you will be leading, and ladies, how to recognise which style the men will be dancing.

We will also teach introductions to the Cuban style of dancing as well as the New York on Two Style. Occasionally we will have guest teachers at workshops for alternative styles of salsa.

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